Heirloom Seeds and Good Rain Gear

You may or may not have noticed that the blog was a bit glitchy for a few days. Hopefully it didn't inconvenience you too much, but I'm sorry if it did! What happened, you ask? Well in a nutshell, the past few weeks I've learned that my strengths are in basic HTML, CSS, and graphic design (emphasis on the basic). I do NOT have strong skills in javascript, FTP, PHP, or any other complex acronyms from the web development world. I'd love to learn those skills someday, but right now I just don't have the time.

I'd like to tell you that my blog design will stay the same for a decent amount of time, but lets be honest - my blog design changes with my mood 😂. I can promise that I'll always try to make things easy to find. And if for some reason you can't find something, there will always be a search bar somewhere in the upper right hand corner. Type a few keywords there and the blog will find it for you!

Heirloom Seeds

I know it's still only January, but we've had a couple sunny days and it feels like spring is in the air! We ordered some baby chicks that should be arriving tomorrow, and we've got our heirloom seeds ready to go once it's warm enough! Which usually isn't until May... But I can start the indoor stuff in March, so I have that to hold on to 😊

This year we are planting a bunch of fun new seed varieties, including eggplant, Brussels sprouts, lemon cucumbers, acorn squash, and even some melons! We got our seeds from Territorial Seed Company, and they're supposed to do well in the Pacific Northwest. Our soil should be a little better this year too, so I'm pretty excited to see what we can grow!

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Sunflowers Galore

I'm especially excited about the sunflower seeds I got. The two varieties I ordered are Waooh and Soraya. One is a shorter bush-type plant, but both are supposed to get lots of flowers per stalk. I will build a fence around those babies if I have to. Mark my words, they will not be eaten by bunnies and deer this year!!!

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We will also be growing Cinderella pumpkins ❤

There's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothes.

That's an old Swedish saying from the book I'm reading (There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather by Linda McGurk). I hoped it would help change my attitude about all the wet and grey winter weather here in Washington. To my surprise, it actually has! I always thought that it was only sunshine that boosts your mood, but that's not true. Nature is therapeutic, even when it's grey and raining. There are apparently bacteria in dirt that raise your serotonin levels! That explains why I love gardening so much... 😉.

The entire book has been fascinating to me. It's so interesting to learn how they do things in Scandinavia, and how different it is from America. There are similarities too, but the differences made me feel less weird for being a homeschooling tree-hugging hippie. Today Kender and I headed to REI on our way home from speech therapy to get some decent rain gear for the boys. We found some nice waterproof pants and jackets on sale. When we got home, he and Rhett dressed up and splashed in puddles to see if they would stay dry. They did! We still need to find good waterproof pants and a jacket for Mason. For now, at least he has boots!

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  1. I love seeds!!! And agree, the weather can get you down if you let it. Do something fun on rain days. I go shopping! It helps to get out of the house.