Fat Feet

Don't mind me as I write my second post of the day. At the beginning of the year, I was determined to separate my personal stuff and only share "useful" stuff on this blog. But alas, the only constant here is inconsistency. I love sharing photos and stories about my boys, even if others might not find them particularly helpful. It brings me joy, and this is April's Happy Place after all 😉

I'll still post helpful stuff, but you should expect a slew of family photos too. And just a fun side note, all my other 2020 goals have gone out the window already too (except Come Follow Me - we've actually been doing pretty well with that!). January and February have that effect on me... Winter, please go away now.

Screen Time Fast

A couple weeks ago we did another little screen time fast. The only screen time we allowed was scripture videos and their ABCmouse.com lessons. We pulled out the paints, played outside, and did anything else that could help us with a little screen detox. The goal was to do 3 days, but I only lasted 2... 

Power Outages

Winters here are always wet and foggy, but this winter seems much foggier and wetter somehow. We had a couple wind storms that knocked out our power too. Ironically, it was right after our screen time fast. I guess it was supposed to last for 3 days after all. The first time it was out for almost 24 hours. The second time it was only 2 hours, but I was much more prepared that time around. The first time it went out at 5 pm, and we had cousins over to play. So I was juggling 5 darkness crazed boys while trying to find flashlights, get food, and set up the generator. The second time was much easier. The power went out during the day, so I had daylight to work by. And I actually knew how to get the generator going at that point. It's amazing how much easier something is when you can actually see, and you know what you're doing.

Could Spring Be in the Air?

It's been really nice to see evidence of spring starting to pop up around the yard. We found this crazy bright green caterpillar and had fun looking at it. I did a little research and I think it will become an angel shades moth... Which is basically a common brown moth. If he ever finds his way into my house, he will regret it.

My climbing roses, tea rose, blueberries and elderberry are all getting buds! I feel like it's a bit early, but I'll definitely take it. I really hope this extremely wet and dark winter means we will have a very sunny and dry summer. I'd much rather water the yard daily than deal with the fatigue that the darkness brings.

Even my lilies are emerging!

I can't wait to have a big green garden out here again.

Mason Selfies

Mason likes to play with my phone, but it's locked with my biometrics so the only thing he can access is my camera. He's becoming a master of selfies. I frequently have to delete dozens of photos of his forehead, or the blackness that results from covering up the lens.

Fat Feet

The other day Rhett decided to put on 3 pairs of socks. He loved it, and 3 wasn't enough. He needed more. He kept adding socks until he had on 8 pairs, and his feet were exceedingly fat. He looked pretty silly. He later informed me that his fat socks were good for sliding on the floor. When I took them off, they held their shape so it looked like I was holding a bodiless foot. This silly boy makes me laugh.

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day, and I'm missing my handsome Valentine. He's on a boy's snowmobile trip with his Dad, uncle, and cousins. I'm glad he could go. He really needed some R&R, and he's having a blast. I really hope he missed the boys, because when he gets home I'll be passing them off to him and taking some R&R of my own 😁

I love you Ryan. Thanks for the chocolates ❤

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  1. Rhett makes me laugh too!! Thank you for for the pictures. You can never post enough!