Life in Quarantine

Remember back in February when I decided to take a break from my blog? Well, a lot has happened since then.


The biggest event is the continuing spread of COVID-19. It started in Wuhan China back in December, and has since grown into a pandemic. It’s really bad in Italy and New York. Seattle was actually where the first USA case emerged, but our spread has been fairly slow. So far Kitsap county has 118 confirmed cases and one death. The US has over 435,000 total cases and almost 15,000 deaths. Worldwide, there are more than 1.5 million cases and over 88,500 deaths. And it’s still spreading… Wuhan just lifted their lock-down a few days ago, and this thing started there five months ago. We’ve got a long road a head of us.

Playing on the new xbox (thanks quarantine).

The CDC is recommending that everyone wear a cloth mask in public. It used to be that you’d only see a few people out and about wearing masks and gloves, but now it seems like if you’re not wearing a mask, you’re in the minority. Ryan and I are going to start wearing them when we go grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping is actually one of the few things we’re allowed to do right now, although many of the shelves are empty. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, eggs, and flour seem to be the things they can’t keep in stock. At least those are the things I want and sometimes can’t get… Other things run out too, but those have been the hardest to find.

States across the country have enacted “stay at home” orders, and closed down schools and other public gathering places. Public schools are closed for the rest of the year, and students are having to complete their coursework online.

Lots of Lego time. Rhett even made a cute wheelchair.

The Church temporarily suspended all Sunday services, temple worship, and pretty much anything else that requires more than 10 people to gather together. That was the recommendation from President Trump – No more than 10 people together at once. We also have to stay 6 feet apart. It’s called “social distancing.”

I’m an introvert and a homebody, but I don’t like it when someone tells me I can’t go places… Quarantine seemed fun at first, but after a while you get pretty stir crazy. And we live on 5 acres! I can’t imagine how hard it must be for people on smaller lots (or people who live alone). I’ve been so grateful for our home and our little family unit these past few months.

General Conference

Scenes from General Conference

I have to admit, there were times I’ve felt pretty panicked through this experience. Ryan has worked really hard to build up our food storage and make sure we are self reliant, but we still felt like we weren’t ready. We weren’t ready for the world as we know it to end! We still needed a dutch oven and a hoop house and bees and goats and a fence around our whole property!!!

Well, we were able to buy a dutch oven, and we are working on building the hoop house, but the rest will have to come with time. Listening to the Prophet and Apostles (and even a couple of youth!) speak at general conference brought me a lot of peace. This pandemic will end. It will get under control. We will get back to normal. I think our normal will probably look different than before, but it will feel normal nonetheless. I have faith in God, and I know that President Nelson is His spokesman on earth.

President Nelson called for another worldwide fast on Good Friday (April 10th). This will be the second worldwide fast so far during this pandemic. It’s been a huge testimony builder to watch all of this unfold, and see how the Lord has been preparing us all along.

The church recently emphasized ministering to others (even using technology to send texts, make phone calls, video chats, etc – not just home visits), and came out with a new “home centered, church supported” approach to Gospel learning. And now we find ourselves in a place where we can’t go to church or be within 6 feet of other people! I’ve lived to see prophecy fulfilled, and I know that God hasn’t forgotten us. He is preparing us for the Second Coming of our Savior. And whatever happens, I have faith that everything will be ok.

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