Container Gardening and Growing Scraps

Last year, our first year gardening on the homestead, we had problems with deer and other critters eating out of our garden. The lilies, peas, broccoli, and sunflowers were favorites. This year we planted a larger variety of flowers and vegetables, and I hoped our hoop house would keep them safe. But alas, squirrels and slugs have plagued our gardens this year.

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To keep my more appetizing plants safe, I planted them in containers and moved them onto our back porch. Not many critters wander into the back yard because of our dog. Pictured above we have lilies, day lilies, and a hodgepodge of flowers in the back left three pots. the front left are cherry cheesecake rhododendron branches (I accidentally broke them off with the lawnmower and am trying to save them via propagation), and lemon cucumber. The pots on top of the stumps in the back right are full of mint, spinach, green onions, and basil. The front right are romaine lettuce and celery that I'm growing from scraps.

Peas and sunflowers still fell victim this year... Most of them survived in the hoop house, but I rescued a few and put them in pots on the porch just in case. 

Have you ever saved seeds from grocery store produce, or tried regrowing your kitchen scraps? I'm giving it a try. Above are some seeds I saved from jalapenos and lemons. Below I'm trying to sprout (from the left) sweet potatoes, an avocado pit, more romaine lettuce, and come cilantro. It's a fun little project, and it doesn't cost anything but could potentially provide quite the garden bounty!

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