Our Extended Spring Break

So, we may have taken a two month long spring break. It was needed! With all the craziness in the world I wanted to make sure we got our homestead set up to fully support us if necessary. We now have a big beautiful greenhouse garden, chickens with a proper coop, and meat rabbits. We are good to go!

You can read more about our budding homestead at honeycrisphomestead.net.

This was Han Solo. Unfortunately, he became quite loud and aggressive once full grown and had to be dispatched.

We are getting apples on our trees!!!

Lucas Turns 9

In May, we had one of our first pandemic play dates for Lucas' 9th birthday! It was fun to get out of the house and see family again. 

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Mostly, our long spring break has consisted of lots of outside time and family bonding. Most people's lives have been thrown completely off course by this quarantine, but for us it still feels pretty normal. I do miss being able to have regular play dates and go to places like the YMCA or Defy (the local trampoline park), but overall we've been doing pretty well with it.

I made the most perfect loaf of sourdough bread! I'm so proud ❤

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