Free Printable Chore Chart Template

One thing that I’ve learned now that Mason is almost two (and makes giant messes with his brothers) is that I can’t keep the house clean by myself. Not without going insane. We’re all home, ALL THE TIME. That was true before 2020 happened to us, but COVID-19 and wildfire smoke are keeping us cooped up even more now. We’ve been indoors for the past week and a half because our air quality has been floating between “unhealthy” and “very unhealthy.” So our days have been full of chores, school, and way too much screen time.

The smokey skies we’ve had from all the fires along the West Coast

We’ve tried out a few different chore systems in the past, but I had a hard time sticking with them. I like this one we’ve been using because Kender can rotate the magnets and get started on his chores independently. He thrives on routine, and he’s amazing at getting this stuff done every day. Probably because I tell him he can’t have screen time until his chores are done… But still – his hard work motivates me to get myself moving and make Rhett do his chores too!

How It Works

The first box in this chore chart is set up for things we need to do daily. I call it our “morning routine.” My boys need to eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, make their beds, and pick up toys every single day.

The next box is our chore rotation. I use scrabble tiles with magnetic tape on the back to represent our names, and we rotate them every day. “M” for Mom (someday Mason), “R” for Rhett, and “K” for Kender. It helps keep things interesting when we don’t have to do the same chores every day, and not every chore needs to be done every day.

This chart is designed so you can laminate it and check off the boxes or write in initials with a dry erase marker. I’m not quite ready for that level of commitment, so we just keep it as a paper copy on the fridge and rotate our magnets.

Free Printable Chore Chart Template Download

I’ve got this all set up as a template that you can download and customize (in Microsoft Word, Zoho Writer, Google Docs, etc) for your family’s needs. I suggest starting with a list of chores that your kids can do, or need to do, and fill in the chart accordingly.

*Download Free Printable Chore Chart Template*

It took us a few tries to get our chores dialed in to where we had minimal complaining and maximum functionality. In the end, it worked best for us to just keep it simple!

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