Prayers & Fall Weather

Lately I've been feeling a bit bleh. It dawned on me last night that my spiritual fuel tank was running low. Not only are we not going to church every week, but I'm not preparing my primary lessons. Those things usually help keep me on track with my regular prayer and scripture study, but those things have been lacking lately. I read the kids Book of Mormon to the boys at night, and I occasionally listen to my scriptures, but that's about as regular as we get right now. 

After I realized what the problem was, I listened to a Conference talk and got on my knees and prayed that I'd be able to be better about keeping that tank full. It seemed like a simple thing, but today Ryan, the boys, and I managed to clean the entire house! And now we have the perfect environment for our family Sacrament meeting tomorrow. I've planned a little lesson about how God answers prayers, and I found this great video to watch with the boys.

Fall is here!

We've harvested all of our pumpkins, which means we've started decorating for fall! Ryan even started the first fire of the season in our wood stove tonight. I LOVE our wood stove. It makes even the gloomiest days feel cozy. 

School is Cool

School has been so much fun this year. We love having Leah and her boys join us, especially since Leah does the funnest experiments and crafts!

This week we realized that Kender's math curriculum is a bit too easy for him. We will be trying out some math on Khan Academy to see how he likes it. He also started up a beginners Javascript class and a typing class. He's such a self starter! I'm always so impressed with his drive. He wants to learn Javascript because he wants to make his own video games. Go for it kid! You'll do great things, I know it ❤

Working hard to finish up their handwriting before Jack and Todd arrive for the day

Painting a galaxy

Enjoying his breakfast of chicken and beans

Rock Candy!

Proud Garden Moments

The garden is at a stage of endings and new beginnings. Some plants had to go because they were done or infested with cabbage worms. Today I pulled up sunflowers, peardrop tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. I found a little friend on my sunflowers:

Now that I've pulled up so many plants, I've made room for lots more! I planted a couple more brandywine tomato plants today, and I'll be planting some kale, beets, and turnips for our fall garden. 

We've had some pretty exciting harvests this year! We got about 13 big honeycrisp apples, and I even grew a banana pepper and an eggplant! Just one of each, but hey, that's more than I've ever grown before!

Honeycrisp apple harvest (the ones not in the bag came off our tree)

Banana pepper!

Tiny little eggplant!

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