Fall Parties, MYOP, Haircuts, & More

A Fall Birthday Party

Last night we got to celebrate a fall birthday! Leah's husband, Andy, was nice enough to turn 30 so we could get some friends together and celebrate. Leah worked so hard to plan the surprise for him, and it was fun to be a part of it. When I arrived, it still looked like a garage... Then we all worked together to bring Leah's vision to life, and it turned out so beautiful!

Make Your Own Pizza Night

A couple nights ago Kender asked if we could do MYOP (Make Your Own Pizza) for dinner. I was hesitant because everyone always HATES when I make homemade pizza... They always get upset because it doesn't taste like the "good" pizza (basically any store bought pizza). But I thought it might be fun, and I thought hey, maybe they'll eat it if they make it themselves! 

I have tons of sourdough discard, so I experimented with making a sourdough crust. To my surprise, the boys had a blast making their pizzas, and they even ate them! Even Mason made his own tiny pizza. MYOP might just be a regular thing now.

Mason's First Real Haircut

After MYOP, Ryan and I gave Mason his first real haircut. I had Ryan hold him while I showed him how fun the clippers are (and how much Dad loves having his hair trimmed). We tried to be as enthusiastic as possible so he wouldn't be scared. Overall, he did really well. Rhett always screamed bloody murder when we'd get the clippers out, but Mason just whined a little. He showed us he didn't like it, but it wasn't too dramatic.

He looks SO big now! I don't save locks of baby hair anymore, but I did take a picture to remember his cute little blonde curls.

A Family Walk

I've been trying hard lately to get myself into better shape. I've settled on Yoga and the elliptical as my favorite methods of exercise. It's really encouraging when you can feel yourself getting stronger. We went for a family walk yesterday, and I carried both Mason and Rhett (not at the same time) for portions of it, and I didn't feel like I was dying! Yay for progress!

When we first got the elliptical back when Mason was first born (two years ago now), I could barely last five minutes on it. Even the easiest settings were so hard for me. I slowly worked my way up to 10, then 15, then 20. Now I can ride it for 30 minutes, and I can even turn up the resistance and incline more than halfway! Consistency really is key.

Speech Therapy With Rhett

Rhett and I started doing speech therapy together last week. I really didn't think he'd need it, but lately he's been trying to mispronounce and talk like a baby on purpose. He even flat out asked me if we could do speech therapy one day... He said he was "having trouble with his sounds." I think maybe he just wants the one on one time, but I figured it couldn't hurt to practice the sounds while we're at it. So we've been doing puzzles and working on our L sounds. If he has his way, we'll probably go through every sound in the alphabet. But that's ok. Rhett is the middle child, and I don't want him to feel like he's slipping through the cracks. I want him to know just how special and loved he is. 

Other Fun Moments

These last few pictures are just a few random moments that I enjoyed from the week:

Mason Moments

Our Fall Garden

I love Love LOVE having a fire blazing in the wood stove. There is nothing quite as cozy ❤

And they arose from the earth, and he said unto them: Blessed are ye because of your faith. And now behold, my joy is full.

3 Nephi 17:20

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