Mason Turns 2

Our little May-May turned two last week! He's such a smart little goober, and it's so fun to hear him say so many new phrases. My favorite right now is, "Mommy, help!!!" He yells that whenever he needs milk, or anything really. Here are some more of his phrases:

"Look at that!"

"Wow, that's cool!"

"There you go!"

"Yay, dinky!" (binky)

"Oh, there it is!"

"Let's go!"

"Two, Three, GO!"

And more...

We didn't do much to celebrate his birthday. I made him a cake, which his brothers helped decorate with lots of sprinkles. Then we had some family over to sing him happy birthday and open presents. Then all three boys enjoyed playing with Mason's new toys. 

Mason is definitely in those "terrible two's", but he's also unbelievably precious. He gives looks and hugs that just melt your heart, and he has pretty much everyone wrapped around his cute little fingers.

Developmental updates: 

Mason pretends to do school now! It's super cute. It's only a matter of time before he's having lessons of his own. He also has night terrors... Rhett gets them too, but thankfully they've been rare lately. So that makes two kids with night terrors, and one with febrile seizures (that he's thankfully grown out of now). I definitely prefer the terrors to the seizures, so I count it as a blessing.


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