A Snowy Valentine's Day


Well, we actually did end up getting some snow! It wasn’t much at first, but it dumped at least 6 inches on us over night. The boys had so much fun playing in it with their neighbour friend Jackson. It lasted a couple days, and now that it’s all melted, the boys agree that they’re glad it’s gone and ready for spring. Bring on the sunshine and gardening!! 

Snowy day 1

There wasn’t much on the ground yet, but they had fun making trampoline snow angels!

Mason came down with a cold/ear infection that night, so we had a couple
of miserable nights with him. Poor buddy… But he’s feeling much better

I had completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day with the snow and Mason being sick, but Sunday morning Ryan surprised me with this! And thankfully I had done my shopping earlier and also had some gifts to share.

So. Much. Snow.

Garden? What garden?

This year the boys opted to build a massive snowball instead of a snowman. It was almost as tall as Rhett!!

A picture my sweet neighbor sent me of the boys after some sledding.

Another sledding picture with their buddy Jackson!

And after they were done playing in the snow, they would strip down and hang their clothes to dry by the fire. I love me a cozy fire on a cold day! Sadie does too. (The bowl of water on top is to help bring some moisture back into the air). 

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day too!

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