Animal Updates and the Power of Influence

Every time I check the weather, it shows something different. One day it says it’s going to get colder, wetter, and possibly snow. The next, it shows days filled with sunshine. We haven’t seen any snow yet, but this wouldn’t be the first time we got snow in February. So I know I shouldn’t hold my breath, but I’m longing for that sunshine and warm weather!

Rabbit Update

In my last post I mentioned that we moved that rabbits into our wood shed after the hoop house blew over – I guess that was a blessing in disguise, because I really like the setup we have now. We’ve got our breeders all settled in the woodshed, and the boys love to say hi to them and help me feed them. We chose two rabbits from Chip and Rosie’s first littler to keep as breeders. Well, Shallan is definitely a breeder… Buddy was the runt and he was super friendly so I accidentally got attached to him. So he’s just my little “Buddy” (get it?). He’s on the small side, so not an ideal breeder, but if something ever happened to Chip he’s our backup buck.

Fun fact: Chip can breed with both Rosie and Shallan, and Rosie can breed with both Chip and Buddy, but Shallan and Buddy can’t be bred together because they’re siblings. Apparently some rabbit inbreeding is ok, but siblings are too close. I’d like to get some new rabbits to add some diversity to the bloodline, but we want to get our permanent rabbit area setup first.
Far left is Shallan, then Chip, Rosie, and Buddy is over there on the right.

Buddy’s cage is Mason’s height, so he loves to open his cage and pet him. He’s such a sweet bunny!

Mason helping me give the rabbits more water


I love this silly kid!

Chicken Update

After not getting eggs for months due to molting, lack of sun, and cold weather, we finally got one! I was hoping that would mean they would start laying regularly again, but we haven’t had another one since. It’s only been a few days, so I’m still hoping for more. It made my day to pull that egg out of the nesting box!

The Power of Influence

It’s been a few weeks since I got rid of my Facebook and Instagram, and I’ve noticed a couple of unexpected benefits. First, I didn’t realize how much I was influenced by the ads I saw on social media. Basically every random thing that I all of a sudden decided I needed was due to social media influence (I’m lookin’ at you Jamberry, LipSense, and Fabletics). The second benefit I’ve noticed is that now that I have fewer things distracting me, it’s been easier to keep my priorities in order. I’ve even been eating healthy and exercising regularly! Now lets just hope it sticks.

Now that I’ve gotten rid of some distractions, I can work on focusing my attention on the things that matter most: these cute boys right here.

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