Happy Easter 2021

2021 was another special Easter that happened to fall on the same weekend as General Conference. I love when that happens. I feel like it makes both occasions so much more special and powerful. Last year for Easter, we didn’t really do much. The lockdown had just started, so I didn’t go out of my way to stuff Easter baskets or dye Easter eggs. We did a short egg hunt and colored on some eggs with markers and that was it.

This year, I wanted to try to make it a little more special for the boys. I’ve been practicing my hand lettering, so I used this as an opportunity to show off my skills. The boys all thought I wrote their names super cool, and they loved my sign 😍

I think I might have been more excited about Easter than the kids were… I set out their baskets for them on Saturday instead of Sunday. My original train of thought was that they would have little things to keep their hands and mouths busy during the first session of conference, but they were done with their baskets before it even started… And they were packed full of sugar. So that plan back-fired, but it was worth it to see the excitement on their cute little faces.

General Conference

During the first session of conference, I got the younger boys to color with me for a few minutes. They both really loved this garbage truck page from our Color Happy subscription. They colored for about 5 minutes, and then they ignored the other pages and played loudly with train tracks for the rest of the time.

It was so precious for me to see Kender holding his Book of Mormon while listening to President Nelson speak. He’s got such a strong testimony, and he’s such a good example to me. I’m so grateful for this little boy ❤️

Egg Decorating

I read a story from the March Friend that inspired me to blow some eggs out of their shells and paint them, rather than the usual hard boiling and dying. Getting the insides out was a lot more difficult that I anticipated. The tutorial I watched said to just poke a hole the size of a toothpick, but I used the big wooden dowels pictures to poke a larger hole in one end so I could get it all out faster.

Once I had all the eggs blown out, I set the shells aside to dry and scrambled up the rest to make eggs & bacon for dinner. And somehow, no one ate a single eggshell! We let the shells dry out overnight, then painted them between sessions of Conference. Then we set them aside to dry again. That night, I stuffed a dollar bill inside one of each of the boys eggs. In the morning, we played “crack the egg.” We each took an egg, and tapped them together until one cracked. The egg that didn’t crack moved on to the next opponent. They had fun cracking their eggs, and were super excited to find a dollar bill when they lost. Kender is our reigning champion with the strongest egg! He laid the paint on pretty thick, so we think that helped.

Family Updates

Last week Kender participated in a multi-sport camp through our community, and he loved it! He learned the basics of soccer, baseball, and football. He’s a natural athlete, and his favorite sport was flag football! Ryan was really excited that he enjoyed it, and he signed the boys up for a bunch more sports. Starting next week they’ll be doing gymnastics, then soccer, then flag football. He’s super excited to be a “soccer dad.”

Here are a few pictures from last week:

Our cool new egg holder!

Little boys playing at the park while Kender is at his Skyhawks camp

Waking up to sunshine and Roxy snuggles

Playing legos with Rhett 💕

That’s all for now!

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