My Boys

These little boys of mine… They make my heart swell, and they sometimes make me want to pull my hair out. Especially the younger two… Kender has grown past the hair-pulling stage and moved into the being-an-awesome-human stage. A couple weeks ago we set some goals for our church’s Children & Youth program. The first goal was spiritual, and Kender decided he wanted to read a chapter in his scriptures every night before bed. I told him I thought that was a fantastic goal, and let him know that some of the chapters are really long, and it’s ok if he doesn’t read a whole chapter. He said, “I think I’ll be ok. I have faith in the Lord.” That boy is constantly an amazing example to me, and to our whole family. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Kender playing Lego’s with his little brothers while he works on his handwriting.

Rhett’s love language is Legos. I tried to have a little Lego movie date with him (hoping that it would satisfy him, and he’d stop asking me to play Legos with him every 10 minutes). He LOVED the movie we watched, but immediately after it was done he asked me if I wanted to reenact the movie with his Legos… My plan not only failed, but fueled his lego fire. I love that he loves Legos so much. I wish I loved playing with them as much as he does.

Rhett keeps surprising us with how brave he’s getting. First, he did the big jump at Defy. It’s basically a cliff that you jump off of and land on a giant pillow. I’m terrified of it! Rhett used to be too, but then he tried it and now he loves it. He’s also pretty speedy on his skateboard:


Mason is such a beautiful little punk. I love his long eyelashes, big green eyes, and curly blonde hair. He loves his big brothers SO much! It’s precious, but sometimes super annoying too… Like when he wants them to play Legos and sword fight on the trampoline all day every day and they just don’t have that toddler endurance that they used to. But they do their best, and I love how much they love each other!

Mason learns a lot from his big brothers… Like how to get on the trampoline by himself. I’m actually glad he can climb up there on his own, but it still terrifies me when he goes as close to the edge as he can and waits there for someone to get him down! He has no fear. And I have enough for both of us.

Brotherly back rubs

Splashing in the make-shift pool

Ryan likes to brush his curls straight after baths… I quickly fluff them back out as soon as I see him

I adore these boys of mine. And I’m so grateful for their dad. Ryan takes them to all their sports lessons, and regularly takes them to parks so I can have some quiet time at home. I’m just feeling blessed. There are always things that are really hard, like all the screaming tantrums and never-ending piles of laundry from today, but I like focusing on the good things. Those are the parts I want to remember.

Waiting to go in to their gymnastics class

That’s all for today. I’ll post a homestead update soon! Rosie had her babies, and I just put up a new hoop house! Yay!

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