Nothing boosts my energy levels and mood quite like a warm sunny day. Yesterday we got some unexpected sunshine, and we tried to make the most of it. I made some DIY bubble wands by cutting circles out of Styrofoam plates and taping them to popsicle sticks. They worked surprisingly well!!

It wasn’t really that big… It was just coming right at me when I snapped the picture. It’s such a cool picture though, right!?

Once they’d had their fill of bubbles, we made up a batch of water beads and threw them on the trampoline. The boys loved it!

Mason really wanted to get on the trampoline with the water beads, but his brothers also had the hose up there. He knows they wouldn’t squirt him, but I think the sound of the wet trampoline scares him. He tried a couple times, but just couldn’t muster up the courage to climb up with them. So he sat down on the porch and watched.

He had his own fun though. I saved some water beads for him, so he got to play with some on the porch. When he got bored and dumped them out, I got out the pool so he could enjoy some water fun too. But by the time it was ready to go, he was hot and tired and no longer interested in playing outside. The big boys made their way from the trampoline to the pool and continued their outside shenanigans.


(video caption)A little highlight reel of the day. I’m still trying to figure out all the different video editing apps on IOS. I made this one with Clips.

After a few hours outside, they came in to relax for a bit before their last flag football practice. We’ve got them signed up for soccer and swimming next! I love that they’re willing to try new sports, and that they’re having so much fun with it.

Bunny Updates

This morning I went outside to feed the rabbits and found a little bunny had hopped out of the nest! I was really glad, because the nest is usually really gross by the time they are ready to leave it. I cleaned it out a few days after they were born, but I don’t like to disturb them too much until they open their eyes and have some real fur. I took this as an opportunity to dump them all out of the nest and give it a good cleaning! 

Looking at the size of them, most of them really don’t need the nest anymore. But there is one little runt that I feel might still need the protection of that shelter. I think I’ll check on him again later today to make sure he’s still getting fed now that the others are venturing out. I put them all back in the nest after I cleaned it, and then I walked away for a minute. When I came back, five of them had jumped back out! I even saw one get back in the nest on his own, so that was reassuring. I hope the little runt will catch up and make his way out soon. The rest of them got their first taste of hay, and they seemed pretty happy about it!

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