Kender's 9th Birthday, A Heat Wave, and Male Bonding

I’m getting caught up on a few months worth of family events, and will be backdating them on the blog to be in chronological order. First up is June 2021! June was full of warm weather, hiking trips, heat waves, and birthday fun. I’ll start with pictures from Kender’s birthday.

Kender Turns 9

For Kender’s 9th birthday, we kept things simple. That’s becoming our new tradition, and it’s one I really like. I’m not a crowd person, and I’m really not a fan of planning/throwing parties. I’m grateful that my kids are always content with simple family gatherings!

First, Ryan and I surprised Kender by giving him a “discount” on the Nintendo Switch he’d been saving up for. He had saved up $149 at that point, so we wrapped it up with a $149 price tag on it. He was really excited, and he got enough birthday money to buy a game for it too. We also got a pinata for the kids for the first time… Let’s just say we are clearly pinata newbs. Kender knocked it down in one swing! Watch the video to see it!

Mason actually blew out Kender’s candles for him. Kender was a good sport, and we re-lit them so he could have the pleasure.

Enjoying the new video game after the cousins went home

Early Summer Warmth

Ryan got started on our enormous wood pile! This will all be cut, split, and stacked for us to use this winter.

Mason is such a good forager. He learned that black berries are only good when they’re black, and Raspberries are only good when they’re red. And he seems to know the difference between the plants!

He also likes to pick and eat fresh peas. It makes my heart happy to grow things that keep him healthy!

Heat Wave

In June we enjoyed warmer days, but we also got hit with the worst heat wave we’ve ever seen! It got up to 104 degrees at our house, and I ended up bringing most of our rabbits inside to protect them from the heat. We were all very glad when it was over!

Beach fun!

Playing with rackets at Nana and Grandpa’s

The boys helped me weed the garden on a hot day. It was such a huge help! I love these boys so much!

Doing their own yard work at their dirt site

That’s just too dang hot…

Hiking with Dad & Grandpa

Ryan and Kender headed out on a hike with Grandpa for some male bonding. We miss them while they’re gone, but I love that they are spending time together. And I love the beautiful pictures they come home with!

While Ryan and Kender were hiking with Grandpa, I took the little boys for a drive to break up our long day. Thankfully, they both took a car nap!

June Highlight Reel

And here’s a little highlight reel from the rest of June. Enjoy!


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