Our 2021 Garden Setup

Before I show you our garden setup, can we talk about this heat wave we’re having here in Washington? I grew up in El Paso, Texas where it would regularly get to 90 – 100 degrees. And it was hot, but it was a dry heat. It’s humid here, so 80 degrees here feels like 90 degrees in El Paso. Keep that in mind as you look at our forecast for this week:

We have 3 AC window units, so we will be fine. I’m a little worried about our outdoor animals though. I’ve got two big fans in our rabbitry, and I usually give the rabbits frozen 1 liter water bottles that they can snuggle up against to cool off. Hopefully that’s enough to keep them cool in that 100 degree heat!

A Tour of Our Garden

Our garden this year is a bit haphazard, but it’s working out ok so far. Since our large hoop house collapsed, we didn’t really have a solid plan for what to do this year. I did end up getting a smaller hoop house for tomatoes and peppers, but the smaller size seems to keep it warmer in there. I think it might get too hot in the summer for the tomatoes to actually produce, so I moved several of my tomato plants out of the hoop house and into various other places. I’ve got a couple in my normal garden rows, and four in pots over by the house. It’s kind of an experiment to see where they do best. I suspect it will be closer to the house, but we shall see!

Weeds galore 😲

Watermelon! I’m honestly surprised it’s still alive. I don’t have high hopes for it.

Pie pumpkins

I trellised the pole beans on teepees this year and they are so much more manageable than last year!


I’m attempting to trellis my butternut squash too. I’ve never grown it before, but supposedly it can spread out quite a bit.

The pole beans in the front are violet podded stringless, and the ones in the back are golden gate.

My nasturtiums and Yukon gold potatoes are doing so well you can’t even see the bed!

That monstrosity in the back is a swiss chard I’m letting go to seed, and the plants in front of it are lemon cucumbers. The rest are strawberries.

Corn! The taller variety is calico, and the front is a yellow corn that I saved seeds from last year. I’m curious to see how these do!

I’m so proud of our peas! These are all from seeds I saved last year, and it feels so good to see them thrive!

I planted hard neck and elephant garlic this year. I’m really excited to try those scapes once we get them!

First Harvests

We’ve had a couple of small harvests so far. My little strawberry patch by my herbs did awesome this year! I got two quart size freezer bags full of sliced berries. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s way more than we got last year!

This is some soft neck garlic that I planted last fall. It’s huge! I think this is the biggest one I’ve grown so far!

We also had a bunch of volunteer Yukon gold potatoes pop up in random places. I LOVE Yukon golds, so I’m always pleased when they show up. These were harvested from some volunteer plants that I mowed down with all the other weeds lol. They cooked up nicely with the garlic and a chuck roast, and made a delicious dinner!

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