4th of July, More Hiking, & New Bunnies

4th of July

We kept things pretty simple this year. We hung out with Nana and Grandpa, ate some hamburgers/hot dogs, played games, and enjoyed the sunshine. Ryan lit off a few fireworks for the boys. Rhett and Kender loved it, but Mason was scared so he and I watched from inside. We headed home so we could get Mason in bed on time, and then lit off some sparklers with the older boys.

They were loud, but he still loved it!

Looking handsome and enjoying watching Dad light off some small fireworks

Mason stole Nana’s glasses… He does look pretty great in them!

Fun with sparklers

More Hiking

I forgot what this hike was called, but look how beautiful that view is! Ryan said he’d like to go back again with me and the little boys.

Such handsome men I have!

New Bunnies & Other Moments

The rest of these pictures are just tidbits from the rest of July. Among them are some new bunnies! We discovered that New Zealands are too skittish for us, so I found us some Silver Fox. We love them so far!

This one is Luna. It’s amazing that I can hold her! Our other does wouldn’t allow that.

And this one is Remi! She’s a little more shy, but does well when I hold her!

Snuggling Sadie

Lilies in bloom!

Got some day lilies this year too… Not a fan of the short bloom time, but they’re pretty!

He found his old Bumbo…

Ryan snuggling with Mason while he “reads” the Book of Mormon

Eating his garden goodness! One of my favorite things about summer is sitting on the porch with him while we snack on garden goodies.

Reading to his little brothers… I love moments like this!

This is where Roxy likes to sleep… I don’t mind it. She keeps me warm!

He fell asleep in his toy box…

My beautiful boy!

Bathtime fun

July 2021 Highlights

And here’s the highlight reel for July. Enjoy!


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