A Visit from Grandma + The County Fair

August consisted of donuts & hiking trips with Grandma & Grandpa Tucker, family pictures, and the county fair! Here are a ton of pictures:


Getting donuts from Sluy’s Bakery with Grandma and Grandpa! They all got the giant dough boys.

Hiking Trip

I wish I could remember the name of this place! They had such cool things to look at, and a beautiful view!

Such a big tree!

Mason loved spending time with his Grandma and Grandpa


Family Pictures

Nicole and her family came to visit the same weekend my mom was here, so Paul took some family pictures for us!



One with my parents

Ryan snuggling baby Nash ❤️

County Fair

The Kitsap County Fair is always a fun family event. We love going and seeing all the different animals! But the food was gross and expensive…

Kune Kune pigs!

Rhett really wants his own cow now.

These two were afraid of horses, so we worked on that by petting a donkey and mule. It helped! Rhett faced his fear and pet a big horse afterward!

Adorable mug shots

Learning about chickens from this cute little girl

Other August Memories

Ryan snuggling Luna. She bit him shortly after this… Oops. Strike one.

He had pens behind both of his ears!

Hanging out at Kender’s soccer practice

Playing school

Found this one on Paul’s phone. I love candid smiles!

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