Adding Silver Fox Rabbits to Our Homestead

I’ve been doing a lot of rabbit research lately, and have become fascinated with rabbit genetics, and breeding to the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association Standard of Perfection. Basically that means only breeding rabbits with certain desirable traits to improve the breed as a whole.

I didn’t care about any of that when we started because, a rabbit is a rabbit, right? Nope. I had no idea that rabbits could be bred for temperament as well as body type, fur condition, color, and more.

Our starter rabbits ended up being ok despite my lack of research. Chip is a very friendly guy, and Rosie is a great mom. We didn’t have to deal with any weird rabbit behaviors like a mother not caring for her litter.

Switching Breeds

In my research, I learned about a breed of rabbit called the Silver Fox that is very docile in general. I also learned that a lot of people who breed New Zealand’s find them to be more aggressive than other breeds. I wouldn’t say ours are aggressive, but definitely fearful, which can make handling difficult.

I ended up finding a Silver Fox trio nearby, and the family was willing to deliver them because I was taking all three rabbits. They even came with hutches! Good thing, because the cages we ordered two months ago still haven’t shipped.

Luna (doe)

Remi (doe)

Bandit (buck)

Being able to hold does without getting scratched up is huge for us! We can’t do this with Rosie. I’m holding Remi in this picture.

I think Luna is our favorite. Her blue color, plush fur, and amazing dewlap are too cute!!

Rabbits Moving On

A couple of our rabbits have moved on to new herds. I sold Buddy to a lady who will breed him to some flemish giants to get his red color. And one of my Satin angoras found a home with a lady who raises them for wool. Rosie and Togo will also hopefully be moving on to a new home within the next couple of weeks to a family who wants to add New Zealand’s to their Silver Fox herd.

I was originally thinking we’d phase out of New Zealand’s completely, but Shallan and Togo’s litter of three is really chunky and adorable… They look like they might have some kind of steel coloring, and I’d LOVE to play more with colors!

So after all that Rabbit math, I’m down to 4 New Zealand’s (not including Shallan’s litter), 3 angoras, and 3 silver fox.

I’d also love to give Rex rabbits a try… We’ll just have to see what happens!

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