Family Hikes, Disk Golf, & Ryan's 32nd Birthday

In September Kender and Ryan went on another hike with Paul. This time, Melissa and her boys joined them! It was really fun for Kender to spend that time with his cousins, and look how gorgeous it was!

Daddy Disk Golf

Ryan and a couple of his work buddies took their kids to play disk golf! I took Kender to soccer practice, but the little boys had fun on their Daddy date.

The kids

The dads

Ryan Turns 32

Ryan took me on a date to play disk golf a couple days later for his 32nd birthday. I was really bad at it, and unfortunately this was the only picture we got from his birthday because I got a stomach bug… I still owe him a cake.

More Little Memories

Ryan is an awesome dad, and takes the boys to parks so I can have some alone time at home.

One of Kender’s soccer games

One of the few Liberty apples we got this year. They were yummy!

He’s so good with the bunnies

Poor Rhett had a stomach bug, so I let him sleep with me so I could keep an eye on him.

Poor guy felt yucky for a few days

He loves his pup

Then Mason got a turn with the stomach bug. His didn’t last long though.

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