Little Moments from October 2021

This is the last of my backdated catch-up posts for the last few months. So this is from Mason’s birthday to now:

Kender asked to make tin foil boats. It was all fun and games until Mason slipped, and then I was spooked and banned tin foil boats.

Mason insists that I snuggle with him until he falls asleep every night. He’s my last baby, so I treasure that time soaking up his little baby snuggles. However, his toddler bed was NOT big enough for both of us. So we told him his toddler bed was broken, and we replaced it with our old queen mattress. He wasn’t sure about it at first, but after his first night he was sold. He looks so tiny in such a big bed! But it’s much more pleasant to snuggle him now.

Mason took Dad’s spot, and wouldn’t let him sit down… It was pretty funny!

Couch naps

I actually bought the boys some giant paper and finger paints. Mason only lasted 5 minutes, but Rhett had a lot of fun.

Rhett was so proud of his brown blob…

In the winters we get a membership to Defy, the local trampoline park. The kids love it!
We found a slug on the van on the way to church one morning… We named him Turbo.

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