The Burn Pile

This weekend Ryan was able to borrow an excavator from his cousin Nathan and get to work on some long awaited tasks. We’ve had a massive brush pile sitting on our property for the last three years, left over from all the clearing we did when we were building. It’s been a home for mice, squirrels, and spiders, and I’m happy to announce that it is finally GONE!

Ryan got a burn permit and got to work right away burning up all the old branches. We all had a lot of fun watching him. It brought back memories from when we were building our house, and we’d watch him operate machines all the time. Kender and Rhett grew up riding excavators, but Mason was pretty timid. He was fine watching, but he did NOT want a ride. And if Dad came too close with that big machine, he ran inside. He has a very strong survival instinct.

During the times Ryan was waiting for the fire to die down a bit, he worked on clearing out our garden space. He used the excavator to rip out all the old remnants of our hoop house and flatten the earth a bit so we can easily lay cement block raised beds. He also dug a trench so we can install an irrigation system. I am VERY excited for next year’s garden!

Before Ryan started ripping up our old garden, I had to save our strawberries. I had planted them in our make-shift raised beds, and needed to move them before he came in with the excavator. I pulled up all the plants and shoots I could find and transplanted them to my old herb garden spot. Thankfully I had already put all my herbs in pots, so the spot was vacant and ready to use. I covered up the strawberries with some wood chips, and I think we’re gonna get a great harvest next year!

Some of my herbs all potted up – they were getting out of control in the ground.

After moving the strawberries, I made up some bunny brew and fertilized any plants around the house that needed it. It definitely wasn’t as much work as Ryan put in on the machine, but it made me feel good to help him in any way I could.

Bunny brew = bunny poop + water

The transformation our property has gone through is pretty amazing! The pictures below don’t really do it justice, but they give you an idea of the before and after:

You can see the old brush pile behind our garden area here

No more brush pile! It freed up so much space!

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