Thankful Trees and Covid Scares

This week we learned that Ryan’s work buddy tested positive for Covid. The next day, Ryan started feeling sick. He was achey and really tired. He slept A LOT. I went to a few different stores and eventually found an at home Covid test. He took it, and it came back negative. The next day he took it again, and it came back negative again. He’s feeling better now, just still a bit tired. We’re thankful (and a bit surprised) that it’s not Covid!
The two sickies napping together. Mason still has his lingering cold.

Having so much fun testing himself for Covid…

Yesterday after school the boys made their own Thankful Tree. A couple years ago I made a printable one and got it all set up for them, but this year I let them design the whole thing. Kender made the big one that we can all add to, and Rhett made his own cute little tiny one. I really like the Thankful Tree tradition, and I can’t wait to see it once it’s all filled up!

Mason’s been extra naughty lately… I guess it was to be expected at some point, but this was the first time he played with his poop. He took it out of his diaper and stuck it to the wall. And naturally, Ryan took pictures of it.


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