Limiting Distractions

A few things have changed since I last posted, so I figured I should fill you in. First, do you remember those goals I made for the new year? Well, I decided to just focus really hard on the first one. I feel like strengthening my relationship with God really needs to be a priority for me right now.

Limiting Distractions

Next on the list was simplifying life in general. At least one person in our family was sick from Thanksgiving to January, so we really racked up our time in front of screens. I did some praying and felt like it was time for a big detox. So on Monday we began a 5 day long screen time fast. The first two days we had no TV and no video games, period. On day three, I decided to let the boys watch some scripture videos on the Latter Day Saint channel, and we watched a few Good Simple Living videos together. On days four and five, I allowed the boys to draw on the iPad and practice some coding in Scratch.

It wasn’t 100% screen free like I originally intended, but we kept it to short periods of wholesome content and it had a major impact on us. Kender struggled at first, but by day three he told me he was glad we did it. Rhett and Mason loved it from the beginning. I really thought Mason would struggle with not being able to watch Paw Patrol, but I just explained to him what we were doing and why, and he was happy to play along. We did puzzles together, built forts and cities out of blocks and Legos, played outside, and did lots of cleaning and organizing. I felt like I was able to really reflect and enjoy my kids, and I was able to get some inspiration that I desperately needed. We talked together as a family and we now have a new routine, and a new plan for chores and screen time. I know its success depends on whether or not I can manage to stick to it and be consistent… which I’m generally not good at. But I adore my family, and I love the spirit that we’ve felt in our home this week. I know it will be hard work, but worth it.

Our 2021 Holiday Season

Here are a few little tidbits from our Christmas and New Year:

Lots of coloring. I’m so glad the boys enjoyed the Christmas coloring pages I made them!

Mason had his 3 year checkup and is a healthy growing boy! He loved the mask they gave him, and he loved making silly faces at me.

Mason learned how to play a game on the X Box all by himself. But he still prefers to play with brothers.

We made some candy trains with cousins

The boys enjoyed their Fort Magic kit from Santa

We did some more coloring… This one is my "Happy New Year Chunky" coloring page.

Ryan and I on our ELEVEN YEAR anniversary! We watched Spider-Man No Way Home and ate at our favorite restaurant.

Natalie had her babies! They are very cute little Rex/Silver Fox crosses.

Rhett and I worked on our yoga skills

We got some day-after-Christmas snow.

Rhett turned SEVEN!!! And he’s the best 7 year old on the planet.

He will never have enough Legos…

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