Rhett's 7th Birthday + Covid

Rhett had a unique birthday this year. He decided that he wanted it to be just us, and he didn’t want to go anywhere. I was so grateful for that, because we had Covid and couldn’t go anywhere anyway. He said he wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, a pinata, and pin the tail on the donkey. He asked for more Legos and Stikbots for gifts.

Since we weren’t doing much, I tried to make the living room look extra festive to help him feel special. And of course, I didn’t take any pictures… But I put up two birthday banners, and lined the shelves with balloons, which for me is pretty dang good.

We had a fun, relaxing day celebrating our sweet Rhetty boy. I made him his favorite fettuccini alfredo dish for dinner, which he and I unfortunately couldn’t taste… We could still taste a little bit of sweet, so that was a blessing.

[birthday video]

Thankfully when Covid hit our house, it wasn’t too bad. Ryan and I had some pretty intense head congestion, a lot of fatigue, loss of taste and smell. Rhett had a low fever, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell. We’re not sure if Kender and Mason ever had it. They were sick earlier, but it’s hard to know if it’s Covid, a cold, the flu, or some other random virus. Our taste and smell came back pretty fast. It was only gone for about a week, probably a little longer for Ryan. Our smell is still weak, but at least it’s there!

Wearing mom's hat

Brother snuggles at church

Being such a big boy at church

Rhett, we are so grateful for you. You are so sweet and snuggly, and you’re such a good big brother to Mason and buddy for Kender. I love your creative imagination and fun sense of humor. You always make us smile. Happy birthday sweet boy!

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