Family Trip to Utah 2022

This summer we took our first big road trip as a family of five. We drove down to Utah to visit a couple of Ryan’s cousins and his aunt and uncle. Our van was packed full of snacks, movies, and audiobooks. Mason still screamed and cried for much of the drive, but overall, he did pretty well for an active little boy who was trapped in a car seat for 10+ hours a day. 

We had a blast. These photos are all out of order, but I'm tired so this is as good as it gets for this post.

Poor Kender was sick the whole time. He was such a trooper, and still managed to have fun even though he was feeling bad.

This Denny's was the worst. It was 90 degrees in the building, there was no AC, there were flies everywhere, and we had to wait 45 minutes for our food! We tried to focus on making memories, and not how annoyed we were.

Ryan got to experience what it might be like to have daughters...

Mason LOVED being on the boat. He wouldn't ride in any tubes, but he spent hours on that boat.

Ryan's cousin Brian works with bees, and he gave us a tour! We got to see how they extract honey and wax from the hives. It was pretty cool!


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