Halloween Coloring Pages (Free Printable)

The weather is changing, and things have been slowing down on the homestead. Usually this is the time of year that I go into artist mode and do lots of creating. Seriously, all I’ve wanted to do lately is sit by the cozy fire and draw.

I discovered last year that I really enjoy drawing coloring pages for my boys, so that’s where I picked up again this year. At first I thought I’d skip Halloween and just get started on Thanksgiving pages, but then I kept getting cute ideas for Halloween… So here you go!

Kender was a good sport and posed for me lol

The "ghost witch" one was a lot of fun to make. I love that you can look at it and use your imagination to decide what’s happening in the picture. Rhett and I decided that the witch fell into her cauldron and accidentally turned herself into a ghost. Oops!

You can download these pages to color with your family below. I’ve included a PDF file for printing, and PNG files for coloring digitally via the iPad or other tablet. Enjoy!
Happy Halloween! 🎃

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