Welcome to the family, Nia!

This is Nia. She joined our family back in September, and we’ve learned a lot about each other since then. For example:
  • She’s learned that we are not nocturnal, and we like to sleep at night.
  • We’ve learned that Nia is nocturnal and will keep us awake at night if she doesn’t get to play outside during the day to burn off her energy.
  • She’s learned that Sadie is a giant pushover, and that Nia is definitely the Alpha in their relationship.
  • We’ve learned that Nia isn’t a fan of dogs, but she still does pretty well with Sadie and warms up to her a little more every day.
  • She’s learned that climbing on the roof is fun, but getting down is scary.
  • We’ve learned that Nia is a very good jumper and can get up on the roof, but needs mom and dad’s help to get down.

She definitely keeps us on our toes, but it’s been nice to have a kitty in the house again. She even caught a mouse for us! Unfortunately she “ate” it in the garage and we had to clean up after her. But at least we know she’s useful!

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