Thanksgiving Themed Coloring Page Activities For Kids (Free Printable)

Every November, I like to make a "Thankful Tree" for the kids and I to work on through out the month. Last year we made one out of construction paper, but this year I thought it would be fun to draw one for a print-and-color option. I've included a PDF file in this post, and it comes with three more cute Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages too!

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How To Set Up Your Thankful Tree

After you print out your PDF, find the three pages for the thankful tree. One is the branches, one is the roots, and the last one is the leaves. The branches and roots do look pretty similar, but you can tell them apart by the little "" stamp on the bottom of the roots page.

I suggest coloring the pages before you attach them. I attached mine first, and you can see in the picture the lines where I colored over the tape on the back. Once they're colored to your liking, you can attach the pages with tape or a glue stick.

Put your thankful tree up on your wall, the fridge, or any other place where it is easily accessible for the family to add to it. I've got ours up on the wall in the living room next to some shelves.

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The final step is to color and cut out your leaves. I just do one page at a time, but you can print as many as you need! This can be an activity that you do all at once, or you can fill it out throughout the month like we do. You can print one for the whole family to work on, or one for each family member. Do whatever will be the most fun for your family!

Once the leaves are cut out, I put them in a little bowl and stick them on the shelf next to the tree with a pen or pencil. It's always fun to see how full we can make it! And it's a great way to encourage an attitude of gratitude in your home.

Last year's Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving Themed Coloring Pages

I'm still in artist mode over here, so I made some more holiday coloring pages! These are Thanksgiving/fall themed (obviously). I think the cornucopia page is my favorite!

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Click the link below to download your coloring page bundle. Just fyi, clicking the link will take you to a product page where you can name a fair price for the download. To get it for free, just type in a 0. Any donations are always appreciated!

Download Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page Activity Bundle

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