I no longer breed purebred Silver Fox rabbits.

My current focus is breeding quality hybrid rabbits for meat, pelts, and pets (although I may have some purebred Rex in the future). I've kept back my favorite rabbits from various breeds I've raised in order to create something new. 

If you're interested in a quality "meat mutt," you can send me an email at contact@aprilshappyplace.com. I still keep track of pedigrees and will be able to tell you exactly what was crossed to create your unique rabbit. 

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This is Chuck, my current favorite buck from my hybrid program. He's 50% Silver Fox and 50% New Zealand. He's about 6 months old in this photo.

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This is Jasmine, my purebred Rex doe. I've always loved tricolored and harlequin rabbits, and she is the first one I've ever had as a result of my own breeding pair. In this photo she is about 6 months old, and already 8lbs 4oz!

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