4th of July Camping Trip

My parents came up to Rexburg on Sunday and as soon as they got here the four of us drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! We stayed at a KOA campsite in a little one-room log cabin. The cabins were all pretty close together and at first we weren’t sure if we liked that but it ended up being a good thing. Ryan and Don went to the store and my mom and I stayed back at the cabin to cook dinner but we discovered we didn’t have a can opener… After a few minutes of struggle, I took the can over to our neighbors and they happily pulled out a can opener and helped us out. Yesterday (the 4th) we went horseback riding and whitewater rafting! It was a super fun and super exhausting day. We got a lot of great pictures!

We drove through Tetonia and I got to take a picture of the restaurant that the boys slept in when they were stuck on their snowmobiling trip

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