A Smokey Weekend

This weekend has been a little bit bonkers. There are wildfires burning all over the west coast, and the smoke from those fires invaded our skies. Friday was full of yellow haze, and we’ve been in a grey puff of smoke since Saturday. There are large fires burning in the Portland area in Oregon, and we had cousins come up here to escape to poor air quality. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much better for them here. But the kids did have a lot of fun together, even though they were cooped up inside.

Our air quality vs Salem’s air quality today:

Salem actually looks a bit better. It was at 580!

We were hoping for better air this week, but it looks like the smoke wants to hang out for a while. The forecast shows rain for Thursday and Friday, and I think we are all praying that it actually comes! We NEED that rain.

Today was a fun, relaxed school day. Leah and I decided to keep it simple, and just do Language Arts and Handwriting lessons, and make chocolate chip cookies as our science experiment. She’s probably the funnest science/art teacher in the universe. She put a little apron on Mason and it made my heart melt 😍

After the cookies, my boys decided they wanted to repeat an experiment from last week: Bubbles. They put some soap and water in a bowl, and made it frothy with a mixer. It kept them happy for a few minutes, and my table is now sparkling clean. Win-win!

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