Adulting is Hard

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are always boys yelling, laughing, screaming, running, crying, wrestling, jumping, and making fart noises. It can be hard to organize my thoughts and focus. This week it has been especially hard to get things done. I don’t know if it was hormones, ADHD, a cold, or all three, but I just did not want to adult. I didn’t want to clean, cook, or homeschool. I just wanted to lay around and eat cookies and watch tv. Some days, or even weeks, are like that. But I think that’s ok. Hard? Yes. But also ok. I know it’s temporary. Maybe those are the times I need to just take a step back and focus on nurturing. I didn’t do a full week’s worth of cooking or cleaning or homeschooling, but I did do lots of snuggling and watching my boys create amazing things out of Legos. And those things are important too.

Kender before his first basketball practice

Rhett was feeling sad, so we snuggled and took a nap to cheer him up.

I love this picture. We took a little trip to Point No Point to enjoy some sunshine. It was COLD, but that didn’t stop the boys from taking off their shoes and socks and running barefoot in the sand.

This was from a nice hike we took to Buck Lake Park, and Ryan popped in and surprised us.

He always wants my hands on his face. He knows that whatever my hands are touching has my full attention, and he wants that to be him. 24/7.

The hens finally started laying again!!!

For Valentine’s Day we got the boys a candy bar and snuggly little friend. Rhett loves his puppy. And I love his cute face.

Rhett and Mason are all about the Legos right now. This is Mason’s “X-wing” that Rhett helped him build.

This is a little battle scene that Mason set up all by himself! He loves Storm Troopers and Battle Droids.

This child is incredible. He built this X-wing from his imagination with Legos he had on hand. No instructions or set prices. He will do great things one day!

Look at the details!!

This is Mason’s ”Mommy” character. I think the chest hair is my most attractive quality. The bright red hair is a close second.

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