April – November 2014

Looks like I haven’t posted a family update since April! So now I have seven months worth of adorable photos that I had to sort through to figure out which ones I’d include in this post.

Here’s the condensed version of what we’ve been up to since April:

  1. Ryan Graduated with his Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration

  2. Ryan finished his internship at Season’s Medical

  3. We moved back to Poulsbo in July

  4. Ryan has been working for his cousin Nathan while applying for Healthcare Admin and Law Enforcement jobs (Ryan went for an 8 hour police ride-along and LOVED it)

  5. I’ve been building blogs, selling drawings, and basically trying to discover the best way to earn an income from home while being a full-time momma

  6. Kender has fallen in love with heavy machinery, especially excavators

  7. Kender pretty much talks in full sentences (although he’s still difficult to understand sometimes) and he is one smart cookie

  8. Kender knows his ABC’s very well, and can count to 10, but only when he thinks you’re not listening

  9. I seem to have swallowed a baby elephant… just kidding but it kind of looks that way!

  10. We found out we are having a baby boy, he is due in about 6 weeks, and his name will be Rhett Harvey Cleaver

My pregnancy in photos

Ryan’s Graduation/My birthday

If you’re wondering about the stain on my shirt, Kender spilled water on me 🙂

Kender & Mommy Selfies

Kender Cuteness

Summary in Videos

That’s all for now!


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