Birthday Prep

Tomorrow is the big day: Mason’s first birthday! This morning the big boys helped me wrap Mason’s birthday gifts, and then we video called my mom and brother so they could watch him open them. I don’t have any pictures of that (because I was video chatting) but take my word for it – it was CUTE. He loved ripping the tissue paper out of the bag and playing with it, then playing with the bag itself before discovering the gift inside. His brothers loved teaching him how to properly open presents, and how to properly play with his new toys.

After all that excitement, Mason took a nap. The big boys helped their dad in the yard for a bit, and Mason woke up just in time to help us make his cake. We are going to take it over to his Nana’s house tomorrow so everyone can sing and enjoy his birthday cake with him.

After we made the cake, Ryan took the boys to the store and I had some more camera practice. I revisited some of my creepy crawly friends to see if I could get sharper images of them. I’m pretty sure I need a different lens to capture the picture I have in my head… I had to get quite close to get these pictures. I didn’t mind so much with Mr. Spider, but his neighbor Mr. Wasp didn’t look too happy about the intrusion. The chamomile was pretty cooperative though.

Here are some other snapshots of the day that I loved:

I just can’t handle all the cuteness!!!

I took this one with my phone. I’m debating the pros/cons of real camera vs phone camera.

Ryan snapped these last two while we were watching the new Book of Mormon videos together:

I’m so grateful for this family of mine ❤

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