Brand New Baby Bunnies

Rosie gave birth to 8 healthy, wiggly, pink baby bunnies on Monday! This is the 2nd litter we’ve had since we got our rabbits last year, and Rosie is such a good mom. In her first litter, she had 10 babies. Out of that 10, two died and we kept two so we ended up with six for meat. I’m hoping to raise this entire littler for meat and not accidentally keep them as pets… But that’s hard sometimes. Just look at my beautiful Rosie girl!

The “haystache” – She’s stuffing as much hay in her mouth as possible to build her nest

Rosie’s nest with fresh kits! I didn’t want to disturb them so early, so I just snapped a quick picture and left them covered.

I honestly didn’t like Rosie very much when we first got her. She was the most skittish by far, and just overall not very friendly. But after she had her first litter, she was all of a sudden my best friend! We really bonded over her beautiful babies, and she’s been one of my favorites ever since. Right now we’ve got 5 – Chip, Rosie, Shallan, Buddy, and Togo. Shallan is probably my least favorite right now… She’s still a very friendly doe, she’s just cranky sometimes. She bunny punched me the other day when I was feeding her. I think she wants to have babies.

Feeding Rosie her daily “vitamin” treats. I give her Raspberry leaves and dandelion to help her milk flow.

In July, when Togo (our black New Zealand) is old enough, we’ll breed him to Shallan and get some color variety! I know I’ll probably keep one out of that litter… We’ve only got one spare cage though, so I can’t keep more than one.

Handsome little Togo. He’s only about 3 months old.

Rosie’s babies! I just quickly check them every day to make sure they are all fed and alive. I don’t like to disturb them too much when they’re this young.

More Garden Fun

So remember when we built a hoop house? Well, it blew down… So I decided I wanted a smaller one just to house my tomatoes and peppers. They did really well in the hoop house last year, and I wanted to protect them from blight and give them the warmth they love. This time we opted for a kit from Target rather than DIYing it again. It was just a lot of work to build, only to have it collapse in less than a year! It just couldn’t handle all that rain and wind.

The new one seems sturdy enough, and I was able to put it together all by myself! I think it’s the perfect size too.

See all those garden rows? They actually have seeds in them now! It always feels so great to get the garden fully planted. It feels even better to watch it thrive!

Cute Boys

Watching Dad chip up some branches

Today Ryan took Kender skateboarding and he had his first real wipeout. He cut his hand and came home all bloody. It was alarming at first, but once he washed his hands it really wasn’t too bad. Just a small cut that happened to be a bleeder. The cut was in an awkward spot on his palm, so I bandaged his whole hand to keep it clean. He looked like this the rest of the day:

Still handsome as ever 😍

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