Brotherly Bonding

Yesterday morning I sat down with my computer to look at my homeschool planner. I glanced over at the boys, who were playing happily with their wooden train set. They weren’t fighting. They weren’t watching TV or playing video games. Not because I told them they couldn’t, but because they didn’t want to. They were playing together, and genuinely enjoying it.

I decided to put off school for the day in favor of brotherly bonding, and I’m glad I did. They played happily and peacefully for hours! That doesn’t happen every day, and it was nice to enjoy them enjoying each other. Meanwhile, I got to clean house and listen to my Mansfield Park audio book. Fanny Price is my hero. You go girl. 😊

They call it the “floating track”.

They were even good sports when Mason woke up and destroyed it!

Back to Normal

Today was back to school as usual. Kender has been enjoying his lessons this year, and I’ve been really happy with his progress. Rhett is always surprising me with everything he learns, even when he decides he’s not down for a formal lesson. Today he spelled Kender’s name, read his own name, recited his vowels, informed me that “B” is a consonant, and read me a book. And he’s still 4 years old!! It blows my mind.

My favorite part of the day was snuggling up with those boys and reading together. Reading practice/read aloud time has become really precious time together, and I cherish it.

No Sleep

We are pretty sure Mason is teething again. For the past week he wakes up in the middle of the night and stays awake for several hours, which means Mom gets no sleep. Which means Mom is cranky… And hell hath no fury like a cranky Momma. What is the saying? “When Mom is happy, everyone is happy”? Well, I can tell you from experience that when Mom is cranky, everyone is cranky. Thankfully, Ryan is off for the next few days so I can get caught up on all the Z’s I’ve missed. There are some perks to his crazy schedule!

He doesn’t intend to walk… He’s more interested in running.

Now off I go to catch those Z’s. Goodnight!


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