Christmas Eve Traditions

This is the first Christmas Eve we’ve spent on our own in our own home. It’s exciting, but also a little sad because we are still contagious and we miss seeing our extended family. We did our best to uphold our favorite Christmas Eve traditions even though this year was a little different than years past. Usually on Christmas Eve we have a pizza party with family, a white elephant gift exchange, we act out the Nativity while someone reads the story of Christ’s birth, and the kids get to each open one gift before they go to bed.

This year, the white elephant was postponed until we can all be together, and Nana and Grandpa brought us a pizza since we missed out on the party. They are awesome 💗 After dinner, we watched this Nativity video:

We talked about how we’ve had so much to be grateful for this year, but the thing I’m most grateful for is Jesus Christ. Because of Him, we are a family forever.

After the Nativity video, the boys (except Mason) each chose one gift to open. Nana had just dropped off some gifts for us, so they chose to open ones from Nana and Grandpa.

Kender got a set of Pokemon figurines, and we had an epic Pokemon battle before bed. They are so cool!!

Rhett got a cargo truck that carries construction vehicles!

They were both overjoyed when they opened their gifts. It’s so fun to watch them open their presents and see their excited faces and squeals of joy. Ryan and I don’t really wrap up gifts for each other – we just buy things we want but are always too excited to actually wait until Christmas. This year we are just doing stockings with love letters to each other inside. That’s a new tradition I’m starting 😁

Mason’s blistered face is better, but now he has a goopy eye! We’re thinking maybe pink eye? I guess we’ll find out in a few days when the doctor’s offices open back up…

These silly guys are the best 💗

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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