Classes, Guns, & Sewing Machines

Ryan and I spent today beginning our online classes and playing with that baby we love so much. Kender’s personality is really beginning to emerge. He’s hard headed, silly, energetic, and sweet.

The bad news: He’s constipated again. The good news: We discovered he loves apple juice, so now we have an easy way to give him medicine!

I’m really excited for my classes this semester. I changed my major to web design, and I’m so glad I did. My favorite class so far is web business. We actually create a new business that generates revenue! Ideally my new business will take off and make me tons of money, but I know that’s not realistic. I don’t have any amazing ideas, but either way I’m just in it because I enjoy making websites. That’s why I’ve changed my blog so many times. I know I promised I’d never do it again, but I guess I lied… Sorry about that. I’m just having too much fun.

Ryan and I (but mostly Ryan) have been focusing a lot of energy on researching what type of gun we should buy. New gun control laws should be drafted by the end of January, so we are trying to hurry. The problem is that everyone is trying to buy a gun right now, and the specific one we want is out of stock everywhere. It seems like most guns are out of stock these days. Some websites are shut down entirely because they are getting in too many orders and they need to restock. The future is uncertain, but I’ve got a prepper for a husband so I know we’ll make it through.

Well, I finally got a sewing machine! Thanks mom, and thanks to Nicole and Melissa for giving me fabric! For my first project, I made a cover for our couch. Unfortunately, all I have is the after picture. Please ignore the mess.

For my next project, I made this onesie for Kender. Unfortunately, this adorable fabric doesn’t stretch so it’s not ideal for baby clothes. I failed to think about this before I made the onesie, so it doesn’t fit over Kender’s head. Oops.

When searching for the right fabric, I discovered that it’s cheaper to buy a twin size flat sheet than it is to buy two yards of fabric. So this couch cover is made of two queen size and one twin size sheets. A grand total of $25.

It’s not amazing, but at least it covers up the places where Roxy used it as a scratching post, and the places where Kender threw up.

That’s all for now!

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