Consistency is Key

With schools being closed, a lot of people are finding themselves thrust into the stresses of homeschooling. It’s definitely not an easy transition to make. I’ve been homeschooling for going on 5 years now, and I still struggle with each new transition. Each new stage that Mason enters creates new challenges for us.


The leaves on our little sugar maple are starting to change color

Yesterday I almost threw out my favorite curriculum in favor of an online one because I felt like I couldn’t give the kids the one on one time they needed. Instead, I said a prayer and took some time to brainstorm what I could change to make things a little more consistent.


Basically, I felt impressed to prioritize four things every day: Scripture & prayer, school, physical activity, & chores. In order to get those things done, I’m going to try to get up and make a hearty breakfast for the boys every morning so we can remember to pray before our meal, and I can read the Book of Mormon while they’re eating. I know if we make the effort to put God first, he’ll help us with the rest.


Today was a good example of that. Ryan got me a new smart watch, and it is really good at tracking sleep. I got a terrible night’s sleep last night because Mason was up a ton and I got to bed late because I was planning our new routine. But even though I was tired, I did my best to put in the effort and show God I was willing to put Him first. I made up a big batch of french toast, and we read a few verses from the Book of Mormon while we ate.


We didn’t get as much done as I hoped we would, but we were able to do a lot considering the fact that I was running on fumes. We did our chores, played outside and exercised together, and even got a few things done for school. Thankfully Mason took a nap for me, so I was able to sneak in a nap too.


These boys and their Dad are my world. Sometimes I get distracted and focus too much on what I can do for myself, and not what I can do for them. I think self care is super important, but we need to find balance in all things. Sometimes I get too into my blog because I want to earn an income so Ryan can quit his second job. Sure, those are great intentions, but the reason he works two jobs is so I can be here to prioritize the home and kids. 


So I’m continually working on balance. Sometimes something happens that tips the scale, like the kids get sick, or we have family come visit. And that’s ok – I just have to get everything back in balance. Sometimes it takes me a while to recover and figure out how to do that.



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