Dentists, Soccer Games, & Halloween 2021

Dental Appointments & Mason Shenanigans

The boys had dental appointments this week. Mason was supposed to come too, but he had a cold so we left him home. He was a little upset about being left behind, and he took advantage of the fact that Daddy was really tired. I came home to find lots of toys and garbage in the toilet. When I confronted him about it, he totally admitted it.

Kender was a pro at the dentist, as usual. Rhett was so brave. He was scared, but totally willing to try everything we asked of him. He tried to get x-rays done, but they were too big and kept making him gag. He tried to sit still for his cleaning, but he kept getting poked (and we all hate that stabby feeling). He slowly broke down, and I didn’t make him finish. He tried so hard, and I was so proud of him for it!

Mason’s handiwork, done while Dad was napping on the couch. At least he didn’t flush it.

Silly Goob

Playing with his “wolfies” at church


Loving/torturing his brothers

Soccer Game in Chimicum

Kender has had several away games in Chimicum now. It’s about a 30 minute drive for us, and this was the first time I didn’t have to drag the little boys along with me (they stayed home with Nana). It was great to be able to watch Kender’s whole game, but DANG it was COLD!!!

Kender’s team lost this game, but he’s always such a good sport. He loves soccer, win or lose! And then there was me, trying to stay warm, and looking like the invisible man.

Halloween 2021

I don’t know what it was about this year, but I just wasn’t feeling Halloween. It falls on a Sunday this year, so we celebrated today. After sitting out in the cold at Kender’s soccer game for an hour and a half, I was not looking forward to spending more time out in the cold at the Trunk or Treat… Ryan took pity on me and let me stay home. The boys had fun, and I got to stay warm and cozy.

Giant Jenga! Such a cool idea!

Bean bag toss

When the boys got home, we sat down together and watched Harry Potter 2.

Happy Halloween!

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