School today was a bit chaotic… Everyone seemed to either have insane amounts of energy, or have some sort of severe emotional struggle. I’m so glad I have Leah to homeschool with this year. If I was on my own, today would have been one of those days where I just throw in the towel and declare it a “snow day”.

Thanks to Leah, the boys suffer through the boring stuff with me and they get rewarded with awesome experiments like baking soda and vinegar volcanic eruptions and sugar crystals. Our partnership actually works out really well. Leah loves doing crafty experiments, but doesn’t like to do the books stuff. I’m the opposite! I rarely have the mental energy to do messy crafty stuff, but I love doing the book stuff. I love learning together with all those sweet, crazy, amazing boys.


Pouring blue vinegar into his baking soda filled volcano


Rhett’s sugar crystal


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