Game Farm 2017, Homeschool, & Baby #3

After a week of full day Kindergarten, we decided to homeschool again. We had a lot going on all at once and homeschool was a great way to help reduce some of the stress in our lives. It also gives us the freedom to do this in the middle of the day:

Sequim Game Farm Llama

Rhett even had cute nicknames for some of the animals. He called the peacocks “chickens”, and the oxen were “cows” 😉

Sequim Game Farm Llama

The llamas were the first thing we saw, and I think they were probably the favorite!

Sequim Game Farm Deer

Rhett kept yelling cute things like, “Hey where’s my baby llama??” and “REINDEER!!!!!”

Sequim Game Farm Bison
Sequim Game Farm Zebra

We didn’t get pictures of the lion, tigers, or wolves, but they were pretty awesome to see too. They don’t let you feed those guys though… I guess that makes sense 😀

Sequim Game Farm Bear

This bear was the BEST! Ryan and Kender threw bread into the air and he caught it in his mouth! That explains why he’s so… fluffy. Yeah, we’ll go with fluffy!

To help the boys remember the fun they had, we let them pick out little stuffed animals. Rhett picked a wolf, and Kender picked a bear. I love when they snuggle things! ♥

One last memory/announcement to record: Rhett is going to be a big brother! Kender can show him how it’s done 😉

Baby #3 will be joining us May 23, and we couldn’t be happier ♥

6 week ultrasound

(This is a 6 week ultrasound – that’s why baby is so tiny!)

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