Halloweens of Years Past

I know I said this post would be the last nostalgia post for a while, but I guess I lied. Halloween is coming up NEXT WEEK and it made me want to look back on all of the cute Halloween costumes we’ve had throughout the years. We don’t go out of our way to do anything super crazy or original, but those boys still look so dang cute!

2012 – Kender is a puppy

2013 – A pumpkin patch

2014 – a pregnant fairy, a lion, and Willie Robertson

2015 – Chase, a cop, Marshall, and Captain America

2016 – A not pregnant fairy, Marshall, Willie Robertson, and stubborn

2017 – Captain America, Batman, a witch, and Darth Vader

2018 – Captain America, a ninja, a fireman, and festive (I just had a baby and none of my costumes would fit lol) 

2019 – A pilot and the Black Panther Everyone else’s costumes for the year are TBD! I really need to get out that costume box…

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