Happy 4th of July 2019

This year for the 4th, we went over to Nana and Grandpa’s for our annual BBQ. It’s always fun to be surrounded by family, and to watch all those cousins play! I’m so grateful for the country that we live in, for the freedoms we enjoy, and for all those who work to protect those freedoms and uphold our laws. Thank you for all that you do. YOU make our country great. I’m super proud to be married to one of those modern day warriors ♡

My mom made the boys these cute shirts! Mason’s says, “I’m the youngest. The rules don’t apply to me.”

This year was a little different than years past because we have Mason. A baby is both the life of the party, and the party pooper because he has the earliest bedtime. Really though, I’m the one who was tired. There was a shooting last night downtown and I was still up when Ryan came home to eat at midnight, so he told me about it. There was a man with a screwdriver in the crowd at the annual 3rd of July fireworks show threatening to hurt people, and the police ended up having to shoot him. I’m so glad the officers were able to protect those in the crowd.

I know not everyone sees it that way though, and that’s what kept me up last night. No one likes to experience trauma, and my heart aches for those who witnessed the shooting, especially the children. But my heart also aches for the officers involved, and for the trauma they’ve experienced, and for the trauma they experience every single day to protect their community. Our officers are good men with good hearts. They are regular people with families. The hate they receive from the people they risk their lives to protect breaks my heart. Anyway, back to happier matters.

“I’m the oldest. I make the rules.” and “I’m in the middle. I’m the reason we have rules.”

We got home around 9, and since we didn’t get to do any of the bigger fireworks, we searched YouTube and watched different fireworks shows (mostly the finales) from around the country. It was actually really cool to do that! Definitely not as heart-stopping as seeing them in real life, but still really cool. It’s 10 pm as I sit here typing, and I can still hear the fireworks going off. I told Kender that next year we would try to stay a little longer since Mason will be older.

(Melissa took these awesome pictures for me!)

In other news, MASON IS OFFICIALLY CRAWLING! It happened on Sunday. He took those first little crawling steps right before church, and he’s been on the go ever since. He is such a happy, friendly baby and everyone who sees him adores him! But we adore him the most, and are so glad he’s ours ♡

He’s a natural at yoga. Downward dog is his current favorite pose.

He’s pretty good at maneuvering the mess too!

He discovered the toy closet… Time to keep that door closed!

He also discovered Sadie’s tail. She’s such a good sport ♡

I love capturing sweet candid moments like this!

Happy Independence Day!

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