Homemaking and Honey-Do’s

Every day we knock a few more items off of our to do list, and our house begins to feel more and more like home. Today we got our curtains hung! Tomorrow our stick vacuum and throw pillows arrive. And I LOVE having Ryan home on his days off!!!! Today he knocked out a huge honey-do list for me so I made him a big meat & potatoes dinner as a thank you.

(Featuring OddBods and Kender with his water bottle)

I took 3 quick photos today to document our progress on the homemaking portion of our move. I love our rugs and curtains. I love that we are slowly getting the media center set up with decorations (and figuring out what we like/don’t like). I love that I’ve got my Family Proclamation and picture of Christ with the children on the walls. And it’s all complete with toys on the floor and laundry baskets lined up outside the laundry room. This house is no longer empty. It is lived in and loved! 💗

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