Hydrangeas, Azaleas, and Rhododendrons – Oh My!

Over the past few weeks, a lot has gone into making our house a home. We’ve planted A LOT of things, and soon we will be planting our vegetable garden!


So far we’ve planted 52 trees, shrubs, and flowers – and those are only the ones I can count!

Ryan has planted 12 fruit trees, some raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, and prepped me an area to plant flowers. He’s pushed over probably a hundred trees with the excavator so we can get some more sun. He’s dug up rotting stumps to use as mulch, and planted clover and beneficial flowers around his trees.


I’ve planted 6 rhododendrons, 3 azaleas, 2 rose bushes, 1 hydrangea, and 2 pieris. That’s 14 flowering shrubs! I’ve never been so sore and invigorated at the same time.


I’ve planted 15 Lily bulbs, 6 creeping myrtle plants (to hopefully cover our hillside), and countless other flower seeds so someday we will have beautiful perennial poppies, carnations, violas, and more.


We’ve both gotten sweaty, sore, and splintered (Ryan definitely more so than me). This is some hard labor, but it is absolutely a labor of love. I can’t wait to see what our yard will look like this summer, next summer, and every summer after that. Things are tiny now, but new growth and more beauty will come with each passing year.


Sometimes I want things to just hurry up and grow so I can see what our finished yard will look like – how beautiful it will be. But then I remember that this is our dream come true. To not only have our own land, but to work our land and beautify it and make it truly our own. There’s no rush. I need to remember to take time to smell the roses, especially now that I’ll have my own roses to smell!

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