January Blues

Guess what? I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve been doing so awesome with my mental health lately, and then my anxiety and depression flared up again. I guess I jinxed myself… I hate January. February too. The holidays are done, I need March and springtime now.

There are a few things that I know have contributed to it this time around:

  1. Adjusting to Ryan’s new schedule. He started the night shift last week, and the boys also decided this would be the week to keep me up late, wake up a lot at night, and get up early in the morning. Lack of sleep is not my friend.

  2. Social Media. I’m not sure when it started, but I’ve known for a while now that social media is a trigger for me, and I even tried deleting my accounts once before. But Ryan accidentally reactivated my Facebook, and I thought, “Eh, I’ll just keep it.” I’ve taken breaks from social media before and noticed I’m much more productive and less stressed without it, so today I went all out – deleted my remaining Instagram account and scheduled my Facebook account for deletion (and told Ryan not to accidentally log in to it again). I even thought about deleting my blog, but Ryan convinced me to hold off on that one.

  3. Caffeine. But I’m also convinced that I need it for survival with three boys under age six, so bring on the Dr Pepper.

So if you’re wondering what the heck is going on with me and why I keep changing up my blog on you, there’s your answer. When I feel anxious or depressed, I tend to start tweaking my blog as a distraction. Playing with the design is fun, and going back through my posts and reminiscing helps cheer me up. Sometimes I go a little crazy and change my domain or blogging platform… That’s a lot of work so it’s a really good distraction lol.

On the flip-side, here are some things that I know help when my anxiety and depression flare up:

  1. Hugs. Especially from all the handsome boys in my life.

  2. Prayer. This one can be hard, because sometimes when I feel down I get mad and stubborn and I don’t want to talk to God… But I still know that he will help me if I swallow my pride.

  3. Writing. It can be on my blog, in my journal, or even just making a to-do list to get my head organized. I planned out our homeschool for next week this afternoon and even that helped.

  4. Reading Conference Talks. One of my favorites to turn to when I’m feeling down is Like a Broken Vessel by Jeffry R. Holland.

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