Kender’s 4th Birthday

This is a little late, but Kender turned 4! He’s been looking forward to his birthday since Christmas, so we were all very glad that his birthday finally arrived.

First, can we just take a moment to recognize the awesomeness of this cake I made?! That’s right.

We let Kender open up one present before his party because we knew we might be able to use it to entertain the rest of the kids. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

At 1pm, the guests arrived. We ended up having 6 wild little boys and one adorable little girl. It was the wildest party I’ve ever been to. All boys want to do is throw stuff at each other and wrestle. Pretty easy really, until someone breaks a nose! Fortunately that didn’t happen, and they all had a blast.

I took another cute video of the kids playing duck duck goose, but one of them accidentally dropped an F bomb (they decided to say “duck” with an “F” haha) so I figured I wouldn’t post it to keep said adorable child anonymous. But – It. Was. HILARIOUS.

After the party, we let Kender open up the gifts he got from Nana and Grandpa. They were a hit!

Happy birthday Kender! We adore you ♥

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