Mason & Mom Time

Today I put Mason down for a nap a little early because he seemed to be losing his marbles. He fell asleep quickly, but woke up abut 40 minutes later with a stuffy, snotty nose. He didn’t have a fever, but he did NOT feel good.

We had our family Sacrament meeting and a little lesson on prayer, and then Ryan took the big boys over to Nana and Grandpas for our weekly Sunday dinner. Mason and I stayed home and had some one on one time.


Mason usually does pretty well for me when we are home alone together. He loves his brothers, but he also loves having the TV (and mom) all to himself. It was nice that he was perfectly content to sit and watch Bluey.


It was a nice fall day outside, so I took him outside to play for a bit. He enjoyed playing in the dirt, and playing with the baby bunnies. He just noticed that two of them are at his level, and it was the cutest thing. He opened their cage, said “Awwww!” and reached in to give them hugs.


After our time outside, Mason got a bath and we watched some more Bluey.

I tried to put Mason to bed early, but that didn’t work out very well. I put him to bed at 6, and then Sadie threw up all over her crate so I had to clean that up while Mason screamed in the background. When I was done, I went and got him because he was obviously not interested in going to sleep early.

The whole dog barf thing stressed me out, so I texted Ryan to see if he would be home soon. A few minutes later he arrived home and put the boys to bed for me. He’s always so good to me. I love him a lot ❤


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